Enjoy Digital Life and more as iWayAfrica offers Broadband Internet Service across Africa - Henry Igbo

The Senior Managing Director of iWayAfrica, a company that prides itself in providing quality broadband service has announced that millions of consumers in Africa can now enjoy the latest technology in surveillance and ICT.

iWayAfrica, ranking as one of the largest wired and wireless broadband providers in Africa by coverage area, is integrating ICT, security and surveillance into the mainstream of service delivery as both are interwoven and can not be divorced from each other.

According to the chairman, the company’s main objective is to play a pivotal role in the distribution and deployment of modern I.T and security infrastructure to the teaming population in order to bridge the yawning gap between consumers in the advanced countries and our local market.

And these desires gave birth to the importation of an array of sophisticated I.T products ranging from computer peripherals, surveillance equipment and outright defense technologies such as explosives detectors.

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In pursuance of this objective,  Mchenrich Technologies Ltd, established in 2003 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Henry Igbo, with core business areas of sales and installation of computer networking equipment and surveillance products, has partnered with iWayAfrica and other major brand owners and vendors in the industry.

Enjoy Digital Life and more as iWayAfrica offers Broadband Internet Service across Africa - Henry Igbo

The I.T giant has also been able to solidly establish its own quality range of products which are tailored to address the peculiarities of our environment. Also, it has been privileged to successfully deploy our technologies to so many government agencies, blue chip companies and private individuals. The company is constantly creating and reinventing the mode of its services to match the trend of events as they emerge in the security and I.T space.

Its head office is located at 5, Francis Oremeji Street, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. You can also visit their websites at www.mchenrichtech.net and www.iwayafricanig.com