EXPOSED! Married Premier League star has a secret love child from a two-year affair

A married Premier League star had a secret love child during a two-year affair.

Event hostess Jaqueline, 33, had a baby girl with the mystery footballer and she has been raising her daughter on her own for nine months now.

According to Mirror, she last month sent a legal letter to the football ace’s club which detailed she had filed a paternity claim for maintenance payments.

Jaqueline claimed she has been cut out of the star’s life completely since she gave birth.

Speaking about it for the first time, she told The Sun on Sunday : “I was shocked, mostly because I didn’t think he would take it [the baby news] so badly, since he was the one who talked about us having children together.

“We tried to agree that he was not going to be physically present in the baby’s life but that he was going to financially contribute to help me with raising this baby.”

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Jaqueline first embarked on her secret two-year relationship with the footballer in 2018 after he sent her a flirtatious message on social media.

Jaqueline went on: “He texted me all the time, even during his wedding ceremony and party. I broke up with him the night he got married because it was just too much to handle for me.”

She claimed the footballer’s partner found out about the baby three months into her pregnancy.

The mystery star, she said, cut her a financial deal for the last trimester until her due date.

In return, Jaqueline was never to reveal the identity of her baby’s father.

However, she falsely believed the footballer would want to have something to do with her baby’s life and he has since completely cut ties with her.