Facebook has announced it will be banning images of blackface as part of changes to its Community Standards guidelines.

The social network is aiming to curb dangerous racial stereotypes and will also clamp down on anti-Semitism.

Any content violating the new rules will be flagged and removed.

‘We’ve made progress in combating hate on our apps, but we know we have more to do to ensure everyone feels comfortable using our services,’ Facebook said.

‘That’s why we’ve established new inclusive teams and task forces including – the Instagram Equity Team and the Facebook Inclusive Product Council – to help us build products that are deliberately fair and inclusive and why we are launching a Diversity Advisory Council that will provide input based on lived experience on a variety of topics and issues.

‘We’re also updating our policies to more specifically account for certain kinds of kinds of implicit hate speech, such as content depicting blackface, or stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world.’

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The changes will start to be enforced in the coming weeks and, in part, is a response to Facebook taking less action on dangerous posts in recent months.