Fans of some celebrities are making Twitter hot for celebrity comedian, Ayodeji Richard Makun, also known as AY, over his tweets.

It all began early this week when AY made a tweet, on his official Twitter handle, @AYCOMEDIAN, where he presumably was referring to one or two celebrities.

This was what he tweeted “Dear reigning and trending celebrity, before you allow fame to take the best of you, just know that you are digging your own grave. There is a reason why 2baba, RMD and others are still in the same business where some don’t last more than two years. Talent is not enough #humility.


This tweet got him a lot of bashing from fans of some celebrities who felt his tweet was referring to their favourite stars.

Fans, especially Wizkid fans virtually made it clear to him that he was just beefing the Star Boy. Others, just said he was looking for more relevance after a few years of inactivity in the entertainment industry.

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Probably not pleased by the way his tweet was misconstrued, the producer of ’30 days in Atlanta’, wondered why his tweet was misconstrued via another tweet.


“I have come to understand that we all are judgemental by reason of orientation, education and self-assertions. One simple tweet on the importance of humility, suddenly translated to AY referring to Wiz, Naira, the protest against SARS and even beefing BBN housemates. But why? AY wondered.

This latest tweet, however brought more criticism from fans. Some said he was sitting on the fence and afraid to join the protests to end SARS because he has dined with those in power, others simply told him to either join the protest or stop talking.