Man in pains

A young Nigerian has cried out bitterly after losing his hard-earned house rent to sports betting.

The man identified as @firstofhisman took to Twitter to narrate how he toiled hard before getting part of his house rent which is due on the 20th of December.


In a bid to get the complete sum, he turned to sports betting to raise the remaining cash with what he has already.

However, he lost!

He wrote: “God!!! I’m ruined Been trying to pay up for our rent since last month but couldn’t gather the money. Out of 150k my mum and I were able to gather 94k, and we pleaded with our landlord to give us till 20th.

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“Out of frustration with no help on sight I decided to bet with the money.

“I lost it all…I’m dead. Please help.

“My life is completely ruined. What do I tell my struggling mum.