"He said he did not marry me for sex" - Married woman cries out, says she must cheat before the year ends
Not the women. Just for illustration.

I want to be brief and straightforward. I am married to a widower, I have a son for him. but I am tired.

From the day I got my positive pregnancy result to date, my husband has stopped sleeping with me.

My son is 14months old now and I have not had sex in 22 months. He sleeps with other girls out there and it is hurting to my soul. He keeps saying sex is not food and he didnt marry me for sex.

I may lose my girlfriend if I don't buy her an iPhone

I have sexual urge all the time, I have contemplated buying sex toys once but he is against it. If I cheat now, people of the world would tag me irresponsible and useless.

I saw my ex today when I went out and I felt like dragging him to f*ck him. I am just tired

If I dont cheat on him by the end of this year, I would come back and give testimony.

Girl, 13, pregnant for 10-year-old boyfriend

Thank you for reading my rant…