I broke up with my boyfriend because he told me he loves Messi


My case is like that lady that her boyfriend left her because she laughed when Barcelona lost 2:8 to Bayern Munich.

That night, I slept like a baby because Barcelona lost, last week when my team lost, this guy use my eye see something.

On the morning of the match we had a small quarrel but because of the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich match we got talking but oga was still keeping it in mind.

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So, when I saw 4-1 I quickly sent him ‘forca barca’, na so oga vex oh, he was now saying I’m laughing at what makes him happy.

I called him, he didn’t pick at first then later picked and cut the call. Imagine!

I just sent him a message to choose his priorities right, he said Messi and Barcelona are his top priorities, I just blocked and deleted all his numbers.

Arsenal gets Umtiti boost from Barcelona

I’m happy to announce that i’ve joined the singles club.

I just want to advice guys not to take this football thing to heart, it’s not worth it, just love it for fun not for anything.