I escaped with a woman whose son was beheaded - Boy, 14, narrates

A 14-year-old boy, Felix Adekunle has narrated how he miraculously escaped from the den of his abductors few hours after he was kidnapped in the Okemapo area of Owo in the Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The teenager stated that he was kidnapped after three men tricked him that one of his wares had fallen off and dragged him into a Camry car after which he became unconscious.

Felix added that when he regained his consciousness, he found himself in a building in a forest.

According to him, he saw a woman, whose hands were tied to her back crying and a headless body of a young man. The woman told him the headless body is that of her son.

He stated, “It happened on Monday while I was selling slippers after school hours. I decided to go to the market area to sell. I passed through Okemapo Road, which is a shorter route to the market. As I was going, I saw three men in a Toyota Camry car and they told me that one of my wares had fallen down.

“I quickly dropped the tray on my head to check, but I couldn’t find anything. Suddenly, the men disembarked from the car and dragged me into the vehicle and I became unconscious.

“I later found myself in a dilapidated blue bungalow in a forest. I don’t know the name of that area. Inside the building, I saw a woman crying with her hands tied to her back and I also saw the headless body of a young person.

“I asked the woman, who the headless person was and she responded that it was her child. At that moment, I was hearing the men’s voices in another section of the house. The woman later told me to untie the rope from her hands and we fled together.

“While fleeing, the woman fell. She called me back and gave me N500 and said I should keep running and never look back. I heard gunshots from the house while I was escaping; I had to run faster.

“When I got to the main road, I saw some people selling bread by the roadside and narrated my ordeal to them. They called the police, but there was no response; they later got in touch with the Amotekun Corps, who responded swiftly and took me to their office.”

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The victim’s mother, Mrs Abosede Adekunle, said she thought her son had lost the sale proceeds when he did not return home on time.

“But later I received a call from the office of the Amotekun informing me that my boy was kidnapped but had been rescued.

“I was surprised to receive a call from Amotekun that I should come and pick my son, who was rescued from kidnappers. I thank the Ondo State Government for setting up the agency to take care of situations like this.

“When I got to their office, I met my son in good condition as the officers had fed him before my arrival,” she said.

Narrating how the teenager was brought to Akure, the Commander, Amotekun Corps, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, disclosed that the command got a distress call that some vehicles drove recklessly along the Benin/Owo Expressway. While tracing the recklessly driven vehicles on the road, men of the corps saw the young boy on the road, who narrated his ordeal to them.

“The victim explained that the only thing he could remember was a Camry car without a number plate and with tinted glasses. He added that he became unconscious immediately he was pushed into the car.

“He explained to us that the area, where he was kidnapped from, was isolated as he could not call on anyone. We took him away from the danger zone to our office, where he narrated his experience that three men tricked him that one of his wares had fallen off and dragged him into their vehicle and zoomed off to an unknown place and that he managed to escape from the place,” Adeleye said.

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