"I have been shaving Bobrisky's chest full of hair"- Personal Assistant cries out

Popular Nigerian Cross-dresser, Idris Olanrewaju aka Bobrisky, has been publicly accused of not being true to himself by living a fake life and lieing to the public about how rich he has become.

Oye Kyme, the Personal Assistant to Bobrisky revealed that the crossdresser hardly stays in his house where the toilets are all bad, but rather uses other people’s houses and hotels to showcase his alleged fake lifestyle.

She said Bobrisky claims to be wealthy, yet he refused to help his elder brother who lives in Ikorodu, moving about with him, cleaning his shoes.

She also stated that Bobrisky’s parents live in a rented apartment in Ejigbo, while he goes on social media showcasing his fake wealthy lifestyle.

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Oye challenges Bobrisky to go build a house for his parents if truly he is wealthy.

The P.A who by now must have lost her job further revealed how she used to shave Bobrisky’s hairy chest, how he moved from his house where all the toilet facilities are bad to his friends house where he stayed for a month before moving to Radisson Blu hotel where he stays presently.

Oye had in the past accused Bobrisky of being violent to the extent of inflicting bodily injuries on her over minute issues.

“Stop living fake life!”, in the voice of popular Nigerian singer Adekinle Gold.

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