”I saw a part of my late husband in the guy o” – Woman marries late husband’s killer


What!!! Woman marries late husband's killer

A Twitter user has left his followers dazed after sharing a rather shocking story about a woman who married her husband’s killer.

@Jefe_says who took to the microblogging platform, revealed that his cousin who stays in the Caribbean shared the story with him.

According to him, the man had been convicted for the murder but after serving 3 years in jail, he got released on good behavior during the peak of the global coronavirus pandemic.

After his release from jail, he visited the wife of the man he killed and apologized. She forgave him but the man insisted on checking up on her to be sure that she is doing fine.

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The Twitter user said that from then on, a relationship blossomed and they got married in October. When she was asked why she married the person responsible for her husband’s death, the woman said she saw ‘‘a part of her husband in the guy”.

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@Jefe_says wrote;

”Omo, things are happening. So this cousin of mine who stays in the Caribbean’s told me this story of how a woman married the man who killed her husband.

Apparently he had been convicted and spent 3 years in jail but got released ‘on good behaviour’ during covid19 peak period

”When he got released, he visited the woman to apologize. She forgave him and he insisted on checking up on her regularly. Omo from there relationship start o.

They got married in October and when people asked her if she dey ment for marrying her husband’s killer…

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”She said she saw a part of her husband in the guy o. That his image is reflecting on him and he reminds her of her late spouse so she just developed a soft spot for him. Wetin dey really occur for this 2020?”