Brigadier General Francis Omata has responded to accusations levelled against him on ordering the infamous Tuesday evening #LekkiMassacre at Lekki-VI toll gate.

Omata stated that he was only on the scene to ‘pull back the soldiers’. He also named the officer responsible; one Lt Col S. O. Bello of the 65 Battalion Bonny camp.

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General F.O Omata is being accused of giving the order to open fire on the peaceful protests.

The Brigadier General who refuted the allegation said: “I didn’t command the soldiers nor was there when shots were fired. I rushed to the scene and arrived about 39 mins after and identified myself and pull back the soldiers.

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“The soldiers were from there 65 Battalion Bonny camp led by their commanding officer, Lt Col S. O. Bello.

“My only mistake was that when I got to the scene I was screaming my name to alert the soldiers about my presence and people at the scene picked that up and ran with it”. It was not me.”