It’s Yuletide season: A time when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. It is popularly celebrated on the 25th of December annually. Goodwill and gifts are exchanged/given. Christmas is significant in/to the Christian faith because Jesus is the promised “fulfilment of prophecy”, one that will save the soul of man from eternal damnation.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to contest the notion that “Jesus is the reason for the season”. This is by large a product of personal introspection, figment of imagination rather than a doctrinal discourse. Read with an open mind.

The spotlight of the christmas tale predominantly shines on Jesus and his mother; Mary while it shines on Joseph the least: His betrothed was “cornerd” and impregnated, he was mandated by God the Father to stand in earthly gap as guardian – Despite, his role, sacrifice was and still is depicted in a dark shade. In comparison to the glory, honour and adoration ascribed to the other players, Joseph got almost nothing.


God the Father had taken special interest in Nazareth. There, Mary; Joseph’s betrothed waltz the street, doing whatever age appropriate thing girls her age did and that time: Sometimes in March, God was lounging on his throne enjoying the view his creation afford; occasionally clapping thunderous farts when his interest intensified on Mary the Virgin. With his God vision, he is able to appreciate this view in every dimension deemed  (im/)possible. Angel Gabriel; the smooth was entrusted with the task of reeling her in

Gabriel delivered the message with a lyrical grace. His delivery was flawless


So flawless that Mary could do nothing but key into the agenda, ask pertinent questions to which Gabriel responded to with sustained grace

We weren’t expressly told bumping of genitals occurred at any point; but Mary became pregnant. How it happened is not crystal clear but the bible said something about “overshadowing”; which suggests “missionary”; probably why some sects are against any variant of “overshadowing”. God the Father; being a superstriker shoot to score and doesn’t require VAR because he is the game. Baby Jesus is the scored goal.

It was at this point Joseph hit spotlight: He was briefed in a dream that his betrothed is pregnant with godly child; but it isn’t a big deal because since he will be busy overseeing the affairs of the universe, Joseph would play Dad in his stead.

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Afterall, the incoming baby is purposed to be a twist in the plot (salvation of mankind); thus needed to be protected, shielded and guided till the appointed time. Joseph was drafted for the assignment.

Joseph; being a smart man knew for a fact that it was pointless to attempt to move against the tide: No one can successfully reject God’s proposal. Hence, he married Mary as preplanned, accepted paternal responsibility for the baby which led to the institution of the holy family .

Viewing history from this perspective, one can not but feel sentimental/sympathetic towards Joseph and his lot because it will be observed that history did not do justice to adequately documenting the emotional/psychological toll the ordeal must have taken on Joseph. His feeling, the hurt and trauma was simply disregarded and at best understated.

i: God through angel Gabriel wooed Joseph’s fiancee, deliberately got her pregnant and mandated him to play along

ii: Mary had communication with divinity in real time while Joseph was briefed only through dreams

iii: Honour was and still is ascribed to Mary while Joseph in comparison is mostly unacknowledged

iv: Mary’s perpetual virginity is one of the sacred dogmas of her devotees; which means Joseph never got to have a piece of her pie – Not even a whiff

Despite all, there is no reference of even a single instance when he grumbled or faltered in his assigned role. He bore it all with grace. Joseph is like a great product with low rating, an MVP made to play the underdog. Anyway, determinism might have been having a field day.

i: The priest officiated the marriage despite Mary being pregnant: Contemporarily, some doctrines do not officiate marriage between intending couples once the bride is pregnant: Why?

ii: Contemporarily, if any lady (readily or not) ditch her intended or gets impregnated by another person, the social media will run amok, bloggers will have a field day and she’ll get branded with unfavourable adjectives, castigated. Yet, the same plot (that barely reference the character with the short end of the stick while one with the longer end of the stick is extolled) is celebrated annually: Does this depict double standard, hypocrisy or ignorance?
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