“It is not every lady you mess with” – Lady sends stern warning to men


"It is not every lady you mess with" - Lady sends stern warning to men

I dated this guy when he was so broke, he had just 1 shoe and few clothes, he was squatting with his friends.

I felt really troubled and took his matter to God, fasted and prayed coz i wanted a turn around for him.

God answered, things changed greatly, he was always getting deals he started buying very expensive clothes he got his own apartment meanwhile he had never done anything for me never given me a penny which was fine with me coz I am a hardworking woman. I have my money.

I went through this guy’s phone and I couldn’t believe my eyes – I was broken in my spirit. He and His friends mock me called me all sort of names.

"My husband caught me pants down with another man", how do I tell my mum?

If I list the things I saw on his phone we’ll sleep here. What pained me most was that he took nude pictures of me while I was sleeping and sent to his friends. Meanwhile we had 2 abortions.

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I broke down in tears, I went naked prayed, left vengeance for God and ended the relationship.

Last week this guy called me begging that everything he has is crumbling before him, he has sold his phone, soldiers have dealt with him that he can barely feed, he is back at his parents house, he begged for forgiveness, he feels suicidal. He says he wants us back.

Husband takes selfie with wife and friend caught pants down in their matrimonial home, shares photos with in-laws

I told him I’ve moved on. At this point I cant get intimate with any man.

They have nothing to offer, I am a mother of two children. So what else could i possibly be looking for?.

Cheers to rich aunty vibes for the rest of my life.