Jose Mourinho admitted he was surprised by Tottenham’s 6-1 win at Manchester United on Sunday, though insisted the quality of his team’s display was no shock.

Spurs smashed the hapless Red Devils from pillar to post, despite falling behind in the second minute.

Mourinho enjoyed the win against his old club


When asked to evaluate his team’s display, Mourinho said: “Very good. Very impressive. Not a surprise for me.

“The result was a surprise obviously, you can’t expect to come here and to win 6-1.

“It’s something that happens once in a lifetime.


“I can come here 20 times I don’t believe that I’m going to win again 6-1.

“It happened, but it happened because the team was phenomenal since the second minute.

“Losing 1-0, big personality, lots of confidence, went for it and being the best team for the whole of the first half.


“Then in the second half against ten – sometimes against ten you play bad and the team against ten plays very well.

“We didn’t take it on a funny side of it, we took it on a respectful side of it.


“An incredible victory, but the most important thing is three points.

“We managed to do it twice. We lost points at home against Everton, we got them away at Southampton.

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“We lost points against Newcastle at home, we got them at Old Trafford.”

In recent weeks Mourinho has complained often about his side’s hectic fixture list.


Kane scored the final goal as the game ended 6-1

Regarding how they were able to produce 90 minutes of intensity against United, he explained: “I would say [it comes] from the top of the club.

“From the board, from the structure, they gave us this squad. Without this squad it wouldn’t be possible.

“They gave us the squad, they gave us the options, they gave us the players that we have and that allowed us to be rotating players.


“Especially this crazy week because we had options.

“Without options we would arrive here completely naked and it would be impossible to do it. So it’s a victory of an incredible squad.”

Finally, Mourinho concluded by saying he expects Gareth Bale to be available after the international break: “Yeah, I believe so.

“Gareth is not injured anymore, he’s training very, very hard hopefully to be back for the next couple of matches.

“Again, we start Premier League and Europa League immediately.” [Talk Sport]