Not The Victim

A man is nursing gang rape and castration injuries at the Meru Level 5 hospital after surviving a deadly night assault two weeks ago.

The man who is a tea picker in Githaku, Central Imenti, was accosted by criminals on his way home after leaving a bar at Githaku market.

The area Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) is yet to issue a statement on the incident to reveal what exactly transpired. However, according to residents, the victim was attacked shortly after leaving a bar near Githaku Market where he was having a drink.


A resident identified as Cliff Kigunda told The Standard that the gang proceeded to sodomise the tea picker and inserted a bottle in his private parts.

“The man was sodomised, castrated, and to make it worse they inhumanely put a bottle in his backside,” Kigunda said.

He added that the man’s groin was severely damaged and doctors had to perform extensive surgery in the area.

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Githaku residents now say that they are leaving in fear and not even men can dare walk around after dusk.

Martin Gitonga, a bodaboda operator in Githau says that the nearest police station is in Githongo, a few kilometers away.

Kigunda noted that the gang uses guerrilla tactics. It robes people and escape into the nearby Mount Kenya Forest.

“Just a few yards from here is the Mount Kenya forest where the robberies and other crimes are taking place.

So the cows are stolen from here and driven to the forest where they get lost,” he said.

The gang is suspected to comprise of young people who are part of the Githaku Community.

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