61-year-old Ron Sargent speaking on receiving the package after 41 years, he said he could not believe that it took the post office almost half a century to get it delivered.

Washington Post reports that the brown box which was addressed to his former workplace, Gayer’s Saddlery was received by Sargent on October 9.


The box contained boots that were sent to his former workplace for repairs and the elderly man revealed that he knew exactly what was inside the box when he received it.

Sargent bought Gayer’s Saddlery back in 1995 and renamed it Outback Leather and had coincidentally worked on the boots before.


He looked through box and found out that he had used it to send the boots to the owner after repairs over 41 years ago.

Ron said: “I could not believe it, it only took the post office 41 years to deliver it. But I knew exactly what was inside the box.”

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Apparently, the customer used the same box to send the boots back to the company but it never got to Ron, until 41 years later.


The sexagenarian then decided to share the story online after failing to find the owner of the boot, Dr A K Traori from South Charleston.

He added: “I’m hoping that somebody in his family might hear about the package and come forward, I’d love to be able to get the boots back to them.”

According to Sargent, the mailman who delivered the package pleaded not to be named to avoid being blamed for delivering it 41 years late.