"My wife of over 30 years" - Drama as two businessmen fight over woman

A fight ensued when one of the businessmen accused the other of allegedly snatching his wife of 35 years.

Eyewitnesses said the businessman who operates a microfinance firm confronted his rival and demanded to know why he had taken away his wife.

The man’s wife, a mother of four, packed her belonging and left her matrimonial home in Mitoto area to live in a rental room in Kiminini a month ago.

It is alleged that the man on Tuesday found his wife with the other man in a compromising situation. Angered by the incident, the man confronted the alleged lover of his wife, prompting a fight.

The alleged ‘woman snatcher’ operates a hotel in Kiminini, and is also the chairman of the community policing committee.

Those who witnessed the episode said the two men went to each other’s throats before they were separated. As it was not over, the aggrieved man reportedly armed with a stone stormed his rival’s business premises, forcing the latter to hide inside his hotel from where he phoned police from Mutangale station, who came to his rescue.

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The man protested that the other man had snatched his wife.

“This man is behind my marital woes. It is embarrassing that my wife of over 30 years abandoned the home for a rental room in the town, he shouted as he was whisked to the police station.

A source confided to the Sunday Standard that the woman in question who sells charcoal pressurised her parents to reject dowry payment from the man.

“The woman has really embarrassed her husband. Imagine she ordered her parents not to accept dowry payment from her husband,” said the source.

It also claimed that before she left her matrimonial home, her husband had given her Sh100,000 for her business stock.

Elders are still trying to settle the matter.

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