Oh my God! Lady breaks up with Igbo boyfriend because of Christmas Day meal


Oh my God! Lady breaks up with Igbo boyfriend because of Christmas Day meal

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her experience with former boyfriend’s family members.

The lady identified as Dinma on Twitter recounted her ex-boyfriend’s family members visited them four years ago and demanded that she cooked for them but she refused and offered them Pizza.

According to her, she broke up with the then-boyfriend after he could not protect her from the family members who insisted she cooked for them.

Four years down the line, she is with another man whose family respects her and never requests she makes any meal for them.

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“4 years ago an Igbo man stood cowardly while his family cancelled me because they came to visit him and we served them pizza instead of food that I did sweat in the kitchen to cook. This year I am dating a Yoruba man whose 4-year old niece said to me today,

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“Aunty Chidimma, I will buy you a gift basket next time you come to my house”. His cousin rings:, “Chidimma I just drove past your house and remembered you. Come over tomorrow with your sisters and have lunch with us.

His mum: “I will tell your boyfriend to bring your Christmas package next month.” None of them has eaten my food before but I have eaten theirs. And oh have we eaten many a pizza! Don’t wait for moral of the story o. I’m just sharing two different experiences”