Outrage as Churches in Edo State begin collection of bride price for female members who wish to get married

Some residents of Benin, the Edo State capital have expressed dissatisfaction after some pastors imposed the collection of bride price from any female member of their churches who wishes to get married.

According to the new law of these churches, the groom must present ₦20,000 as alter seed and some bottles of wine for the bride price before the church approves of the marriage to its female members.

According to a resident, the pastors are not the problem but the ignorant church members who take everything their pastors impose on them.

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Here are some of the reactions;

@Brother Yokolo said, as far as I’m concerned, it is not good. I am not judging them oh!

@Blessing said, it is not acceptable! The pastors should not attempt to change the word of God.

@Prince said, the pastor is not the problem but the members who are ignorant of the word of God but would rather depend on whatever their pastors tell them.