Please don’t date or marry any lady using tiktok, she won’t be a good wife – Man cries out


Please don't date or marry any lady using tiktok, she won't be a good wife - Man cries out

Kindly keep me anonymous as you share my story. My girlfriend of 2 years just broke up with me because I asked her to delete her tiktok.

Honestly the things they are doing on that tiktok are too risky and I don’t believe any responsible man will want his girlfriend on tiktok.

Everyone on that app behaves as if they are single. My gf will do video on tiktok she is always walking on tiktok, she doesn’t have my time anymore, she did that red video nudity challenge, she even did one challenge called if I had a bf omo I’m alive o. Which one is if I had a bf ?.

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She will be using me to play pranks on her tiktok, she even asked me to bring my niece for a challenge. She is not even looking for work again.

The thing was annoying… I told her to delete the app or choose me and she broke up with me the next day. Like wow! After 2 years, just like that.

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In her mind she will say she dodge a bullet, that I’m controlling – but she is the controlling one. It’s me who dodge  the bullet.