The Premier League fixtures for the 2020/21 season as announced

Premier League champions, Liverpool will face newly-promoted Leeds United on the opening weekend of the 2020/21 season, while Arsenal will travel down to Craven Cottage to take on Fulham.

Both Manchester City and Manchester United will sit out the first round of fixtures to recover from their recent European campaigns, as their first games against Aston Villa and Burnley respectively were postponed.


The Premier League fixtures for the 2020/21 season as announced ahead of next month’s kick-off are below:

Saturday 12 September

Crystal Palace v Southampton, Fulham v Arsenal, Liverpool v Leeds Utd, Spurs v Everton, West Brom v Leicester City, West Ham v Newcastle Utd.


Monday 14 September

20:00 Brighton v Chelsea, 20:00 Sheffield Utd v Wolves

Saturday 19 September

Arsenal v West Ham, Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd, Chelsea v Liverpool, Everton v West Brom, Leeds Utd v Fulham, Leicester City v Burnley, Man Utd v Crystal Palace, Newcastle Utd v Brighton, Southampton v Spurs, Wolves v Man City.

Saturday 26 September

Brighton v Man Utd, Burnley v Southampton, Crystal Palace v Everton, Fulham v Aston Villa, Liverpool v Arsenal, Man City v Leicester City, Sheffield Utd v Leeds Utd, Spurs v Newcastle Utd, West Brom v Chelsea, West Ham v Wolves.

Saturday 3 October

Arsenal v Sheffield Utd, Aston Villa v Liverpool, Chelsea v Crystal Palace, Everton v Brighton, Leeds Utd v Man City, Leicester City v West Ham, Man Utd v Spurs, Newcastle Utd v Burnley, Southampton v West Brom, Wolves v Fulham


Saturday 17 October

Chelsea v Southampton, Crystal Palace v Brighton, Everton v Liverpool, Leeds Utd v Wolves, Leicester City v Aston Villa, Man City v Arsenal, Newcastle Utd v Man Utd, Sheffield Utd v Fulham, Spurs v West Ham, West Brom v Burnley.

Saturday 24 October

Arsenal v Leicester City, Aston Villa v Leeds Utd, Brighton v West Brom, Burnley v Spurs, Fulham v Crystal Palace, Liverpool v Sheffield Utd, Man Utd v Chelsea, Southampton v Everton, West Ham v Man City, Wolves v Newcastle Utd.

Saturday 31 October

Aston Villa v Southampton, Burnley v Chelsea, Fulham v West Brom, Leeds Utd v Leicester City, Liverpool v West Ham, Man Utd v Arsenal, Newcastle Utd v Everton, Sheffield Utd v Man City, Spurs v Brighton, Wolves v Crystal Palace.

Saturday 7 November

Arsenal v Aston Villa, Brighton v Burnley, Chelsea v Sheffield Utd, Crystal Palace v Leeds Utd, Everton v Man Utd, Leicester City v Wolves, Man City v Liverpool, Southampton v Newcastle Utd, West Brom v Spurs, West Ham v Fulham.


Saturday 21 November

Aston Villa v Brighton, Burnley v Crystal Palace, Fulham v Everton, Leeds Utd v Arsenal, Liverpool v Leicester City, Man Utd v West Brom, Newcastle Utd v Chelsea, Sheffield Utd v West Ham, Spurs v Man City, Wolves v Southampton.

Saturday 28 November

Arsenal v Wolves, Brighton v Liverpool, Chelsea v Spurs, Crystal Palace v Newcastle Utd, Everton v Leeds Utd, Leicester City v Fulham, Man City v Burnley, Southampton v Man Utd, West Brom v Sheffield Utd, West Ham v Aston Villa

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Saturday 5 December

Aston Villa v Newcastle Utd, Brighton v Southampton, Burnley v Everton, Chelsea v Leeds Utd, Liverpool v Wolves, Man City v Fulham, Sheffield Utd v Leicester City, Spurs v Arsenal, West Brom v Crystal Palace, West Ham v Man Utd

Saturday 12 December

Arsenal v Burnley, Crystal Palace v Spurs, Everton v Chelsea, Fulham v Liverpool, Leeds Utd v West Ham, Leicester City v Brighton, Man Utd v Man City, Newcastle Utd v West Brom, Southampton v Sheffield Utd, Wolves v Aston Villa


Tuesday 15 December

19:45 Arsenal v Southampton

19:45 Aston Villa v Burnley

19:45 Fulham v Brighton

19:45 Leeds Utd v Newcastle Utd


19:45 Leicester City v Everton

19:45 Sheffield Utd v Man Utd

19:45 West Ham v Crystal Palace

19:45 Wolves v Chelsea



Wednesday 16 December

20:00 Liverpool v Spurs

20:00 Man City v West Brom


Saturday 19 December

Brighton v Sheffield Utd

Burnley v Wolves


Chelsea v West Ham

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

Everton v Arsenal

Man Utd v Leeds Utd


Newcastle Utd v Fulham

Southampton v Man City

Spurs v Leicester City

West Brom v Aston Villa



Saturday 26 December

Arsenal v Chelsea

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

Fulham v Southampton

Leeds Utd v Burnley


Leicester City v Man Utd

Liverpool v West Brom

Man City v Newcastle Utd

Sheffield Utd v Everton


West Ham v Brighton

Wolves v Spurs


Monday 28 December

Brighton v Arsenal

Burnley v Sheffield Utd


Chelsea v Aston Villa

Crystal Palace v Leicester City

Everton v Man City

Man Utd v Wolves


Newcastle Utd v Liverpool

Southampton v West Ham

Spurs v Fulham

West Brom v Leeds Utd



Saturday 2 January

Brighton v Wolves

Burnley v Fulham

Chelsea v Man City

Crystal Palace v Sheffield Utd


Everton v West Ham

Man Utd v Aston Villa

Newcastle Utd v Leicester City

Southampton v Liverpool


Spurs v Leeds Utd

West Brom v Arsenal


Tuesday 12 January

19:45 Arsenal v Crystal Palace

19:45 Aston Villa v Spurs


19:45 Fulham v Man Utd

19:45 Leeds Utd v Southampton

19:45 Leicester City v Chelsea

19:45 Sheffield Utd v Newcastle Utd


19:45 West Ham v West Brom

19:45 Wolves v Everton


Wednesday 13 January

20:00 Liverpool v Burnley

20:00 Man City v Brighton



Saturday 16 January

Arsenal v Newcastle Utd

Aston Villa v Everton

Fulham v Chelsea

Leeds Utd v Brighton


Leicester City v Southampton

Liverpool v Man Utd

Man City v Crystal Palace

Sheffield Utd v Spurs


West Ham v Burnley

Wolves v West Brom


Tuesday 26 January

19:45 Brighton v Fulham

Wilder to face Fury for another rematch in July

19:45 Burnley v Aston Villa


19:45 Everton v Leicester City

20:00 Man Utd v Sheffield Utd

20:00 West Brom v Man City


Wednesday 27 January

19:45 Chelsea v Wolves


19:45 Newcastle Utd v Leeds Utd

19:45 Southampton v Arsenal

19:45 Spurs v Liverpool

20:00 Crystal Palace v West Ham


Saturday 30 January

Arsenal v Man Utd

Brighton v Spurs

Chelsea v Burnley


Crystal Palace v Wolves

Everton v Newcastle Utd

Leicester City v Leeds Utd

Man City v Sheffield Utd


Southampton v Aston Villa

West Brom v Fulham

West Ham v Liverpool


Tuesday 2 February

19:45 Aston Villa v West Ham


19:45 Burnley v Man City

19:45 Fulham v Leicester City

19:45 Leeds Utd v Everton

19:45 Sheffield Utd v West Brom


19:45 Wolves v Arsenal

20:00 Man Utd v Southampton


Wednesday 3 February

19:45 Newcastle Utd v Crystal Palace

19:45 Spurs v Chelsea


20:00 Liverpool v Brighton


Saturday 6 February

Aston Villa v Arsenal

Burnley v Brighton

Fulham v West Ham


Leeds Utd v Crystal Palace

Liverpool v Man City

Man Utd v Everton

Newcastle Utd v Southampton


Sheffield Utd v Chelsea

Spurs v West Brom

Wolves v Leicester City


Saturday 13 February

Arsenal v Leeds Utd


Brighton v Aston Villa

Chelsea v Newcastle Utd

Crystal Palace v Burnley

Everton v Fulham


Leicester City v Liverpool

Man City v Spurs

Southampton v Wolves

West Brom v Man Utd


West Ham v Sheffield Utd


Saturday 20 February

Arsenal v Man City

Aston Villa v Leicester City

Brighton v Crystal Palace


Burnley v West Brom

Fulham v Sheffield Utd

Liverpool v Everton

Man Utd v Newcastle Utd


Southampton v Chelsea

West Ham v Spurs

Wolves v Leeds Utd


Saturday 27 February

Chelsea v Man Utd


Crystal Palace v Fulham

Everton v Southampton

Leeds Utd v Aston Villa

Leicester City v Arsenal


Man City v West Ham

Newcastle Utd v Wolves

Sheffield Utd v Liverpool

Spurs v Burnley


West Brom v Brighton


Saturday 6 March

Aston Villa v Wolves

Brighton v Leicester City

Burnley v Arsenal


Chelsea v Everton

Liverpool v Fulham

Man City v Man Utd

Sheffield Utd v Southampton


Spurs v Crystal Palace

West Brom v Newcastle Utd

West Ham v Leeds Utd


Saturday 13 March

Arsenal v Spurs


Crystal Palace v West Brom

Everton v Burnley

Fulham v Man City

Leeds Utd v Chelsea


Leicester City v Sheffield Utd

Man Utd v West Ham

Newcastle Utd v Aston Villa

Southampton v Brighton


Wolves v Liverpool


Saturday 20 March

Brighton v Newcastle Utd

Burnley v Leicester City

Crystal Palace v Man Utd


Fulham v Leeds Utd

Liverpool v Chelsea

Man City v Wolves

Sheffield Utd v Aston Villa


Spurs v Southampton

West Brom v Everton

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West Ham v Arsenal


Saturday 3 April

Arsenal v Liverpool


Aston Villa v Fulham

Chelsea v West Brom

Everton v Crystal Palace

Leeds Utd v Sheffield Utd


Leicester City v Man City

Man Utd v Brighton

Newcastle Utd v Spurs

Southampton v Burnley


Wolves v West Ham


Saturday 10 April

Brighton v Everton

Burnley v Newcastle Utd

Crystal Palace v Chelsea


Fulham v Wolves

Liverpool v Aston Villa

Man City v Leeds Utd

Sheffield Utd v Arsenal


Spurs v Man Utd

West Brom v Southampton

West Ham v Leicester City


Saturday 17 April

Arsenal v Fulham


Aston Villa v Man City

Chelsea v Brighton

Everton v Spurs

Leeds Utd v Liverpool


Leicester City v West Brom

Man Utd v Burnley

Newcastle Utd v West Ham

Southampton v Crystal Palace


Wolves v Sheffield United


Saturday 24 April

Arsenal v Everton

Aston Villa v West Brom

Fulham v Spurs


Leeds Utd v Man Utd

Leicester City v Crystal Palace

Liverpool v Newcastle Utd

Man City v Southampton


Sheffield Utd v Brighton

West Ham v Chelsea

Wolves v Burnley


Saturday 1 May

Brighton v Leeds Utd


Burnley v West Ham

Chelsea v Fulham

Crystal Palace v Man City

Everton v Aston Villa


Man Utd v Liverpool

Newcastle Utd v Arsenal

Southampton v Leicester City

Spurs v Sheffield Utd


West Brom v Wolves

Saturday 8 May


Arsenal v West Brom

Aston Villa v Man Utd

Fulham v Burnley


Leeds Utd v Spurs

Leicester City v Newcastle Utd

Liverpool v Southampton

Man City v Chelsea


Sheffield Utd v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Everton

Wolves v Brighton


Tuesday 11 May

19:45 Brighton v West Ham


19:45 Burnley v Leeds Utd

19:45 Everton v Sheffield Utd

20:00 Man Utd v Leicester City

20:00 West Brom v Liverpool



Wednesday 12 May

19:45 Chelsea v Arsenal

19:45 Newcastle Utd v Man City

19:45 Southampton v Fulham

19:45 Spurs v Wolves


20:00 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa


Saturday 15 May

Brighton v Man City

Burnley v Liverpool

Chelsea v Leicester City


Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Everton v Wolves

Man Utd v Fulham

Newcastle Utd v Sheffield Utd


Southampton v Leeds Utd

Spurs v Aston Villa

West Brom v West Ham


Sunday 23 May

16:00 Arsenal v Brighton


16:00 Aston Villa v Chelsea

16:00 Fulham v Newcastle Utd

16:00 Leeds Utd v West Brom

16:00 Leicester City v Spurs


16:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace

16:00 Man City v Everton

16:00 Sheffield Utd v Burnley

16:00 West Ham v Southampton


16:00 Wolves v Man Utd



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