She failed my test during #endSARS protest, now I won’t marry her


I have an issue with my girlfriend and now I don’t trust her anymore.

During the protest for #endSARS, I told my girlfriend to buy food stuffs for my place because I thought the state will go on lockdown.

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I gave her ₦40,000 to buy the food stuff for my house, but she bought food stuff worth just ₦20,000 or less. How did I know ?

When my sister came and saw the meat, fish and other food items my girlfriend bought, my sister calculated and told me that she spent below ₦20,000 or so about.

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After 1 year relationship if I can’t trust her to buy food stuffs then she is not my wife. I had never given her money to buy food stuff before.

Now she failed. She has denied and insists she spent the whole money on foodstuff. I insisted we go to the market and re-price everything but she refusedd. Her loss!