Shock as woman kills her son while exorcising demons from him

A 36-year-old woman has been locked up at Sagana police station for allegedly strangling her son to death while exorcising demons from him.

The Kenyan woman who is a follower of the Akorino church in Kiangwaci shocked villagers with her act.


According to Joseph Wanjohi, the husband said that he was surprised when he got in the house and found his wife speaking in tongues to her gods while pinning the 5-year-old boy to the ground.

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When he tried to rescue the innocent child, the wife overpowered him.


“She told me I am interfering with the prayers. We were in good terms when I left the house, we rarely quarrel,” he said.

“I was shocked when I got to the house from my normal hustle and found my wife speaking in tongues while pining our 5-year-old son, I tried to rescue the young child but she told me to leave since I was interfering with the prayers and that the gods are not happy,” said Wanjohi.

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Confirming the arrest, Kirinyaga county police commander Leah Kithei said she will be arraigned in court on Monday at Baricho.

Shocked residents said this is the first incident in their village which has left tongues wagging and confusion reigning high.


Her immediate neighbour Susan Nyawira said, “She is a follower of an Akorino church at Kiangwaci, but we wonder whether that is what they believe in”.

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