Should I accept? He is begging that he wants me back, after I aborted his baby with hanger. 


I am a student schooling here in Benin, my boyfriend did sometin that made me angry to my soul.

He is the first I have ever done anything sexy with and all. I was pregnant last month, I told him and he ghosted me.


I did not have money to abort the pregnancy, so my friend took me to this woman who sells agbo herbs here. She used hanger to abort it. Yes, the pains was not much.

My relationship ended on Valentine's Day - Victoria Kimani

My boyfriend is now begging me again that he is in love with me. He has been coming outside my hostel every day buying me and my friends suya and zobo. Sometimes sharwama.

He said when he gets alert he will trip me and buy me iOS.

Should I take him back? Is it possible that he can change?

Offer me advice as a sister. Please anonymous o!