Should I tell him my children are for different guys? I don't want to lose him...

Hi, Good afternoon. So…, I have been dating this guy for about 6 months now, he is the best guy I have met ever… like ever – ever.

After my last relationship I dropped my children with my mom after she adviced that I be alone, and that way men will come my way. And for your information, my children are for 2 different men. Please don’t judge!

My first child is from my first boyfriend and my second is from a guy who served me biggest ‘breakfast’ (Heartbreak).

"He lied he went to protest, but went to his ex-girlfriend's house" - May SARS beat him IJN Amen

With this new guy, our relationship started just like play. I never thought we will get this far.

He asked me if I have children, I said no. This was months ago. Now we are so close and I have met his family.

Do I tell him or wait?

I feel like the more I wait I am digging a bigger wahala.

I love my children so much and I love him too. I don’t want to lose him…

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