In 2013 when APC was formed through the amalgamation of some other political parties, their sole objective was to unseat former president Good luck Jonathan and dethrone the PDP in what some analysts would call the unfortunate gathering of strange bed fellows. They were never ready to steer the wheel of governance.
The APC were ready to work with Governors and Ex- Governors who were regarded as Emperors in their various states. The  Emperors forced their anointed political sons and cronies on the people which the party applauded them for, as long as Jonathan would be dethroned in the End.
Oshiomhole imposed obaseki on the Innocent people of Edo State to cover up his tracks. Tinubu imposed Ambode on Lagosians, even though the Fashola wanted someone else. Kwankwanso imposed his deputy, Alhaji Dan-Dollar on Kano state people. George Akume imposed Governor Ortom on  the people of Benue State, Etc. Every tactics was welcomed by the APC as long as Jonathan would be dethroned.
Elites like wole soyinka compared Jonathan’s administration to that of king Nebuchadnezzar in the bible. Obasanjo wrote that he was incompetent.  The minister of lies and other Falsehoods, Alhaji Lai Mohammed called him ineffectual Buffoon. His wife, the former first lady was not spared either. She got her own dose of insults and caricature from the public. ” will you keep kwayet? “, ” Na only you waka come? “, ” my fellow widows ” were just few of her inventions and  personal contributions into the English Grammar.
APC got their wish and Jonathan was defeated at the polls. Buhari became the president and everything was History. Power intoxicated the party and in this current political dispensation, they decided to dart those governors who helped them to win the Election in 2015. APC under Oshiomhole decided that those governors were Emperors who needed to be cut into sizes because party is supreme. Like a joke, Oshiomhole dart NGIGE, who happened to be a current minister of the federal republic of Nigeria and even threatened to sack him from office. He even made a joke of the president being weak and  soft-peddled on the ministers. Later,  he switched on to the Senate President Bukola Saraki and swore that he must be impeached.
Oshiomhole suddenly elevated himself to the position of a demi-god. He darted Amaechi with his arrows and rendered him politically irrelevant in rivers state simply because he wanted to impose Tonye Cole on the people. Governor Amosun recieved his own arrow when he tried to impose Akinlade on the people. Oshiomhole remembered that Rochas Okorocha has been eyeing his foreign investment and he decided to dart him too with the arrows. He suddenly find it insulting  that Okorocha’s son in law, Mr uche Nwosu would be imposed on the people of Imo State. Senator Shehu Sani was totally humiliated and disgraced out of the party. The list is endless.
Needless to say that these were some of the work force and foot soldiers who worked together and brought victory to the party in 2015.
Today,  Atiku Abubakar, another formidable force who helped to bring that victory, has become the main challenger to the throne and the presidential candidate of the main opposition party, the PDP. who are also practically in control of the  Senate and House of Representatives.
Many people who previously wrote against former president Goodluck Jonathan are now writing against President Muhammadu Buhari, comparing his administration to that of Idi Amin of Uganda and that of Adolf Hitler of Germany.
Watch out for the rest series I will unfold SOON

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The falsehood of the APC - Emmanuel Zion Ewere Esq