"The Pope will clap for me"- Mbaka dares APC, tells them where they can find the Pope

Reverend Father Ekije Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu has called the bluff of the All Progressives Congress by telling them to go to Rome and report him to the Pope.

The APC secretary, Waziri Bulama, last week threatened to report Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka to Pope Francis because he is not showing Christ-like behaviour, as Christ was subject to the government of the day and respected it.

Mbaka in response to Waziri said in his homily delivered during his ministry’s Sunday Service of May 2, 2021that the Pope will clap for him should the ruling party go to Rome in Italy to report him to the pontiff.

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He said that he will be given accolades by the Pope when he (the Pope) hears that he (Mbaka) is criticising a bad government.

“The pope will clap for me if he hears that I am challenging a bad government in Nigeria. So, the APC can go ahead and report me to him. He may even give me a position I may not want to handle,” he said.