"Why film producers want to see the colour of my pant" – Lust in Marriage Actress, Igbojionu Nancy reveals

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Igbojionu Nancy, has recounted the challenges she faced as a greenhorn in the Nigerian movie space.

In a chat with Inside Nollywood, the outspoken role interpreter lamented: “My challenges coming up was that everybody wanted to see the colour of my pants, with the promise that they will make me a star.

“Of course, it made me feel worthless. All they want is just the pant, and not what I have to offer, my talent”.

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Asked the kind of man she would love to settle down with, Igbojionu, who has starred in more than 10 movies including Lust in Marriage, Shattered and Humble Lover, said: “Right from my childhood, my prayers had always been to settle down with a guy that plays and prays.

“With these two qualities, we would be best of friends for life. I want my man to be playful, sweet and naughty. I want him to be everything, sweet and accommodating.”

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Sharing her bad sex experience, the actress quipped: “I don’t experience bad sex because my man is so yummy on bed. I have experienced bad sex once; it was not good at all.

“Yes, size is important to me; it’s very important, but I prefer it medium. But then, people tell me my thighs look nice. It gets me the most attention. But I would pick my thighs and face as most attractive to men.”

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