Why I underwent my recent plastic surgery - Bobrisky

Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky, has revealed to those who care to know the reason he decided to recently go under the knife.

Bobrisky, last week, complained that he was in a lot of pain after the procedure.


In an Instagram post, Bobrisky also said he will take any risk even if it costs him his life, just to please his boyfriend.

According to him, his boyfriend is a billionaire with cute lips and dark skin and it is important he matches his spec.

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Bobrisky also admitted he does not want his boyfriend to stop sending him money.

Why I underwent my recent plastic surgery - Bobrisky

He wrote: “For those who care to know or rather asking me who I dey do yansh for?

“I’m doing it to please my boyfriend!!! He is so cute, dark skin, a billionaire, cute lips, clean.

“So I need to look EXTREMELY HOT to continue matching his spec. I also don’t want him to stop spending that cash on ur MUMMY OF LAGOS.”

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