A woman claims she was assaulted by three men who were angry at the way she was dressed.

The alleged victim, only known as Elisabeth, says she was held down by two men and then punched by a third as she walked home in Strasbourg, France.


In an interview with France Bleu Alsace radio the 22-year-old student claimed one of the men had shouted ‘look at that whore in a skirt’ moments before she was grabbed.

A picture showed her with a bruised eye.

Elisabeth added dozens of people had watched the attack in broad daylight and did nothing.


Police are investigating the incident. The French government has condemned the alleged attack. Spokesperson Gabriel Attal said.

“In France we must be able to go out dressed in the street as we want. We cannot accept that today in France, a woman feels in danger, either harassed, threatened or beaten because of how she dresses.”


Junior interior minister Marlence Schiappa urged members of the public to call police if they witness any abuse against women. The former gender equality secretary, who was in Strasbourg on Wednesday discussing women’s safety in public, told France Bleu Alsace radio.

‘A woman is never hit because she wears a skirt.

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‘A woman is hit because there are people who are misogynistic, sexist, violent, and who free themselves of any law or any rule of civility by striking them.’

The radio station reported there had been a similar incident in the city of Mulhouse where a man attacked two women after telling one of them their skirt was ‘too short’.

Schiappa announced 80 social workers would be deployed in police stations to help women who suffered street harassment and sexual violence.

Around 1,800 penalty fines have been issued in France under a street harassment law passed two years ago.