"Yes, I raped her but please be lenient with me because of my age" - Man, 71, begs court

A 71 year-year-old man has admitted that he raped a middle-aged woman at City Park Forest in Nairobi on Monday, April 19.

Emmanuel Mateka Malele told the Kibera Law Courts that he raped the woman, but wanted the court to be lenient on him because of his age.

“It is true I committed the offence (rape),” he said, adding: “But, please don’t send me to jail because I would die in custody, given I’m elderly.”

Kibera Principal Magistrate Derrick Kuto warned Malele that his admission of guilt could expedite his trial, but the suspect said he confessed because the rape accusations against him were true.

“The woman [whom I raped] is an adult. That is why I haven’t thought twice in admitting guilt. I’m urging the court no to jail me because I am old.”

The court heard that the victim, whose age wasn’t immediately revealed, met the suspect earlier Monday in Nairobi town centre, and asked him if he knew of any job openings.

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Malele reportedly asked the woman to meet him at City Park area that evening for a briefing on possible job vacancies he’d have found.

At 5pm Monday, Malele lured the victim into City Park Forest, where he allegedly whipped out a knife and threatened to harm her if she won’t heed his sex demands.

The suspect allegedly raped the woman and, thereafter, stole Sh300 from her handbag, the court heard.

The victim, thereafter, reported the incident to police, leading to Malele’s arrest.

Magistrate Kuto directed that the matter be mentioned on Friday, April 23.

The suspect will spend Thursday night in custody at the Industrial Area Remand Prison.